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Our goal

Best Business Sport provides a global working platform for the benefit of sports federations, professional clubs, professional athletes, elite coaches and other elite sports specialists. The platform is equally open to commercial companies making use of the excellent culture environment offered by top-level sport at national and international level

Nowadays sports federations play a crucial role in the development of each branch of sport at professional and amateur level. They can only fulfill their mission by working closely together with clubs, managers, players/athletes, coaches and other specialists in each field. And in order to succeed in sport and financially complex and correct plans and programs are required. They must be drawn up after carefully and thoroughly assessing the current situation and the future perspectives and taking into account all the actors involved in sport, the social, economic and political environment as well as the national and international sports context specific to each sports branch.

In many sports, football, basketball, handball, rugby – to name just a few – the professional status of athletes entails new standards and in order to succeed the high sport potential is not enough. Efficient management is required to secure the financial resources, build up the image and gather information, key elements in reaching the top at international level. This is why profitable player transfers, TV and advertising rights sales, sponsorship, merchandising, marketing, ticketing, correct communication and the public image must be constantly on the agenda of the top manager of any sports organization.

Best Business Sport plans to use the rich long term experience of its experts and contributors in order to identify develop and offer useful solutions to the persons and organizations involved in Romanian sport, support them in their effort to succeed in this current unfavorable economic environment and against fierce competition. Sport proves to be an excellent vector for multinational companies but for smaller companies as well to find new connection channels to the market by using the attractiveness and emotional impact created by this unique social phenomenon.

BBS provides quality services in team sports management – mainly football – but for other sport branches that are so much in need of a solid and trustworthy partnership. The quality of our services is guaranteed by our team of specialists and experts with long-term experience in various sport branches and by our cooperation with similar companies in Romania and other countries, by our excellent relations with sports organizations at various levels.